Reviving this blog

Hello there, and welcome again. So, this blog post at the beginning of 2011 is a result of my New Years resolution, which is to revive my blog to a fully functional and lively place. I apologize for it being mostly deserted. I left it alone since May 2010. Most of the reason behind the blog falling behind was that year’s fault really, not mine.

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Flash Player 10.1 pre-release on Nexus One

Nexus One running Flash Player 10.1 from Ralph Hauwert on Vimeo.

This is a video of the Nexus One with a pre-release version of Adobe Flash Player 10.1. It does not represent the final quality of the Flash Player on this specific device. But it’s pretty good as is!

This is the Nexus One running 2 demos. First a Nexus one specific version of the “Milkyball“, which is adjusted in resolution and screensize.

Second a non-adjusted version of FlashModPlug, an experimental project I’m currently working on. It’s a port and wrapper of LibModPlug, running inside the Flash Player through Adobe Alchemy.

Conclusion 10.1 on the Nexus is really, really fast!

(go to vimeo for the full resolution version). (link to nexus demo)

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Dear Steve,

Long time no see! I’ve been busy, sorry. First off all, I want to congratulate you on the great show today. Wow, that iPad is truly one of those things everyone is going to want to have, like your previous successes with the iPod and iPhone. I take my hat off for that! And wow, what a lead up to the show. Probably the first hype of 2010. And do you guys know how to keep a secret and then give a great show unveiling it.

That being said, I felt as an avid Apple products user as well as your friend, (you know I own a total of 3 Macbooks, a plethora of Airports and have converted nearly my entire family to buy one of those nice machines of yours) (actually it was Grant who got me into buying one) it’s my duty to inform you that I think something went wrong during your presentation. When you were showing the web capabilities of the iPad, something was missing in it’s browser (see screen-shot above). As your keynote and product presentations are normally flawless (ah, well, maybe not always), I think you might have missed this one.

You touted the iPad’s (great product name, btw) web capabilities as being amazing, perfect, you know, the regular Apple thing. But during the presentation I couldn’t help but notice that little “missing plugin” logo we all know from the iPhone. Now, I was thinking that this might have been one of those very exotic plugins of back in the day, like Director or Realplayer. But, as it turned out, the missing plugin was the Flash Player.
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