Demo Video of WebM being decoded by Flash.

Demo Video of WebM being decoded by Flash. from Ralph Hauwert on Vimeo.

This is a little side project I have been playing with. I’m porting google’s libvpx using Adobe Alchemy to run WebM in Flash Player 10, which doesn’t support the format natively yet. Because it’s not much more then a small and experimental side project, I quickly made a video to show it’s progress up until now. Monday the new part in the Particle Sessions will appear.

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The Particle Sessions : Part One, Is this it ?

Part One of the Particle Session kicks off with looking at a system similar, but simpler thenĀ this Bloom particle experiment (music made for it by the fantastic artistĀ Rich Bologna, thank you again for it, Rich!). We’ll be taking slow steps of optimizations and at the end have a get prepared for the next level. To be able to get up to speed with the working of the video particles, we’ll start from the beginning and work our way up. For that reason, we’ll start very simple and look at a basic unoptimized particle system with next to zero functionality, and modify the code for performance.

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The Particle Sessions : Prologue

We've got the gun Max!

Last week I reveiled my plan to revive this blog and start getting regular posts on here again. It had been cooking for a while and I had decided that the first thing to do to revive the blog was to start with a long overdue post about particles, mainly sparked because of the interest in the Bloom Particles (mirror without preloader) I did for the unfortunately cancelled Bloom conference. The other part was that I really wanted to get it out and get particles out of my system for a while. I had promised to post about this for quite some time, but with the blog not being used, it was a daunting task. It turns out I find it much harder to make blogposts then little experiments. This post is about that. I apologize up front for it being a bit of a personal story before anything else. It is however, the start of …

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