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Flash 10, Massive amounts of 3D particles with Alchemy (source included).

Pushing around +300.000 3D particles, realtime, on screen, using Flash ? No problem, if you are using Adobe Alchemy & PixelBender to compile and run your code! During my session “professionally pushing pixels” at FITC Amsterdam this year, amongst other … Continue reading

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Some experiments with the FP10 3D api. Shading & Speed

Behind the scenes I’ve been insanely busy for the last months. But just to keep you posted on some progess on my side, here’s some demos of me playing around with Flash Player 10′s 3D API’s. I’ll keep this short, … Continue reading

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Papervision3D + Water Simulation = Waterballs

You always have projects lying around that are to be finished…but probably never have the time for… Today Exey Panteleev posted some creative use of Papervision3D and the Shaders in 2.0. Accompanying to his post he asked if it would … Continue reading

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