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Hey! Adobe! What's ?

Today while doing normal work (meaning, not pv3d), I made a little typo combined with code completion, and suddenly I had a class name standing there with the name TraitsInfo, along with it’s import, At that moment I didn’t … Continue reading

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Flex 2 video community site : KPN's Shood sees it's first light.

Yes, finally some of the work Satama FlashFabriek has been doing for client KPN sees it’s first daylight. KPN Shood has come out of the box! KPN Shood is a video community site entirely built on with a Flex 2 … Continue reading

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Combining Flex 2, Papervision, Flickr and Cairngorm: paperFlickr.

This little plaything is something I’ve been working on a little while ago, and I was hoping to finish. Looking forward in my planning I think finishing it will take a while, so I’ll post a quick WIP. It’s really … Continue reading

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