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Demo Video of WebM being decoded by Flash.

Demo Video of WebM being decoded by Flash. from Ralph Hauwert on Vimeo. This is a little side project I have been playing with. I’m porting google’s libvpx using Adobe Alchemy to run WebM in Flash Player 10, which doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Particle Sessions : Part One, Is this it ?

Part One of the Particle Session kicks off with looking at a system similar, but simpler then┬áthis Bloom particle experiment (music made for it by the fantastic artist┬áRich Bologna, thank you again for it, Rich!). We’ll be taking slow steps … Continue reading

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The Particle Sessions : Prologue

Last week I reveiled my plan to revive this blog and start getting regular posts on here again. It had been cooking for a while and I had decided that the first thing to do to revive the blog was … Continue reading

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