Photo by Jackie Brown. Source : Flickr / FITC

Ralph Hauwert is a creative development expert, focused on creating new and innovative applications, sites, toys and experiments. He works as a freelance consultant and developer of rich experiences, using technologies as ActionScript, Adobe AIR, Flex, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Objective C on web, offline and mobile platforms.

As a freelance developer & consultant, Ralph has been working in the background on a diversity of projects, such as the Anne Frank Annex Online, Earthmine, The House of Tomorrow, Philips Carousel and Glitch, amongst a few, providing technology stacks, development and consultancy.

Ralph is currently working on the Aviary project to provide creative tools to empower peoples creativity on the web and mobile.

As an industry recognized leader and pioneer in the field of Flash 3D, and a well-known figure within the Flash community, he has spent a lot of his “play time” on projects like the now defunct Papervision3D and experimental projects with source code to be enable the community.

With more then a decade of experience in creative development, Ralph is a frequent speaker at technology and design-centric events. Ralph has also conducted workshops exploring the relatively new field of Flash 3D.

Ralph is a proud ambassador for the Dutch Adobe UserGroup.

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