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Goodbye, Papervision.

Last week at Flash on the Beach I had an announcement regarding me and Papervision3D. While some people took that as a hint to the release of PapervisionX, the actual news was a bit more sad. After pondering on this … Continue reading

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Source : Better Flash 10 3D interaction : ArcBall

With the addition of the 2.5d API in Flash 10, lot’s of developers now have even easier access to basic 2.5D environments. But with those new capabilities and API’s new challenges for developers arise. Famously, Flash 10 doesn’t do the … Continue reading

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The latest Flash 9 breaks stuff…

I love the new Flash Player. It features built in mipmapping, hd, multicore support, amongst other things. We should all be very happy. The PV3D specific updates (read tinic’s blog) are really going to help accelerate the adoption of 3D … Continue reading

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