Unity3D & Flash

shadowgun in game

An image of ShadowGun a game made by Madfingers, using Unity.

If you wonder why it’s silent in here again; same old, same old; I’ve been busy. So many things happened this year, most of them very good. Workwise, I have joined the brilliant minds at Unity Technologies to work on further expanding the reach of Unity. Today is exiting, because over on the Unity blog, there is a first public sneak peek of our progress. Let us know what you think !

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6 Responses to Unity3D & Flash

  1. viaria says:

    i did not understand the title, what is flash here.

  2. oos says:

    I was looking forward to have a look at this, but it seems like blogs.unity3d.com is down from here :(

  3. Excellent stuff, can’t wait to get my hands on this!
    How are you guys going to do messaging between Flash and Unity content? Is there an extensive API that we can use to interact with embedded Unity content (like traversing the Object list and modifying properties)?

  4. viaria says:

    yes, unity can export flash.

  5. Ben says:

    Hey saw the blog and was mighty impressed!

    While I am sure you cannot divulge too much information on the matter I am really keen to hear what you have to say about performance on the flash platform.. not in terms of rendering but in trying to match (keep up with) unities scripting.

    What I am getting at I suppose is, what did you think of how flash handles things like the physics… is it doing us proud or is it a long way of the unity players?


  6. Great news, good luck with the move :)

    Just a quick question on the unity flash support, how is the c#/javascript translated? Is it compiling to avm2 bytecode directly or going through source code translation to actionscript?

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