Jump Flood Voronoi for WebGL

A small experiment to familiarize myself a bit more with webgl&canvas and a quick post to show a this experimental WebGL toy. Video here and on the full post, Live demo for newer WebGL enabled browsers here. Code isn’t exactly production ready. Comments and compatibility notices welcome!

JFA Voronoi Paper by Guodong Rong and Tiow-Seng Tan.

WebGL / Canvas – Jump Flood Voronoi Experiment. from Ralph Hauwert on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Jump Flood Voronoi for WebGL

  1. ozgur uksal says:

    awesome experimentation;

    By the way, looking forward to reading particle part2

  2. Ed Monster says:

    ┬┐Where can I find this experiment made in Flash AS3?

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  4. Marty says:

    I created a prototype of a similar tool for Flash using Delauney triangulation.
    Check it out here

    It adds a number of control points randomly. You can then click to add more in a specific location.

    A more fully featured application is coming soon.

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