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Hello there, and welcome again. So, this blog post at the beginning of 2011 is a result of my New Years resolution, which is to revive my blog to a fully functional and lively place. I apologize for it being mostly deserted. I left it alone since May 2010. Most of the reason behind the blog falling behind was that year’s fault really, not mine.

It was a good year. I started doing a project for Aviary and was honored to speak at many great conferences of the web industry. One of the most note worthy events for me personally was also to be part of Adobe FlashCamp Tokyo and Seoul. It was a great trip and a privilege to hang out with such heroes as Mike Chambers, Mario Klingemann, Lee Brimelow and Erik Natzke. You can see Lee’s video report of that trip in Flasher Magazine 3 on Vimeo. (Doug McCune is alive and well, despite what that video says).

Looking ahead, this year promises to be an equally great year. In the Flash space, one of my long time wishes, GPU support for Flash is on the shortlist for a public beta in this year. More on that in a later blog. Privately, many things are happening and I’m loving it. Let’s just say that good times are ahead.

As for the reasoning for why this year my blog will get updated on a regular basis; this year I’ll take it easy on the conferences. I’m not saying I won’t be speaking or going to any, but this year has so many things going on for me (both work and private) that I decided to at least take it easy for a while. How long that “while” is, I haven’t decided.

I’ll miss all the great people, but at the same time this will give me more time to focus, work and enjoy life. Also for this reason, I’ve decided the blog will be the main form of sharing information and hopefully share useful work and thoughts.

As I started thinking about topics, I realized I still had quite a backlog of things still to put out there publicly and decided to tackle them one by one. My last talk, aptly named “The Discontinuity” at Flash on the Beach in Brighton has ran exactly one time, with some still in progress work, which I’d like to talk about. Also, things like FlashModPlug and my GNURocket implementation are still to be publicized. About that GNURocket client implementation, 2010 was also the year of a true demoscene contribution, in the form of Area Unstable (video) (pouet download). This was made together with Sander.Focus (graphics) and Gloom303 (music,sync).

I’ve also branched out to doing iOS development and working on experiments using both OpenFrameworks and Cinder. So there’s many things still to blog about this year. But, one thing at a time, so I decided to work through a backlog and start with some Flash particle experimentation. My next post, due tomorrow, will outline the working and technicalities about this thing; Rendering Video with White Particles (Flash).

[Update, the blog gave up on me, and I had to reinstall it. Here's my blog in it's new form].

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2 Responses to Reviving this blog

  1. Rackdoll says:

    very nice to see your blog up and running again Ralph!
    Looking forward to future posts :)

  2. Zhonghua says:

    Hey, you are finally back on blogs! Haven’t seen you for a WHILE(1);

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