PixelBender Raytracer & Milkyball

Milkyball, a further extension of my Triangle3D experimentation, used in my presentation of end 2009. Click on the shape to see the magic vertexmap.

PixelBender + Flash raytracer. Work in progress.

I posted both of these earlier on my twitter (@unitzeroone), but they didn’t make the blog as of yet. More details in future posts.

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17 Responses to PixelBender Raytracer & Milkyball

  1. Niiiice!
    Very impressed (as usual) Ralph ;)

  2. James says:

    Darnit man, that’s awesome. I love the Milkyball demo.

  3. OMG that milky ball is truely amazing. :D

  4. James Ward says:

    Nice! Did you use pbjAS or just the Pixel Bender Toolkit?


  5. C4RL05 says:

    Wow Ralph, that raytracing is sick! You never cease to impress me. And Milkyball is one of my all time favorite Flash 3D demos. Already a classic.

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  7. Milky ball is absolutely incredible!

  8. Abraham says:

    You’re crazy man!! Impressive.

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  12. Lee Felarca says:

    Nothing substantive to contribute with this comment, just gushing admiration.

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