(people who want to know more would refresh after seeing the pieces in full)

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19 Responses to Bloom

  1. Mark says:

    Cool i’ve refreshed + seen them all. Where is this experience about?

  2. Kim Lynge says:

    Hey Ralph….nice stuff…but don’t get it…

  3. James Ward says:

    Sweet! Love to see an AS3 demo scene emerging! :)

  4. vyper says:

    I see nothing… :(

  5. Tompei says:

    Hello. Must be cool but I don’t get it either. And I get that also :

    TypeError: Error #1009: Il est impossible d’accéder à la propriété ou à la méthode d’une référence d’objet nul.
    at BloomLoader/init()
    at BloomLoader()

  6. erik says:

    Same error for me:

    Opera: Version 10.01

    Flash: You have version 10,0,32,18 installed

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at BloomLoader/init()
    at BloomLoader()

  7. mike says:

    I know what this is … it’s an ice cream machine! … For vanilla ice cream!

  8. Looks intriguing! Will start saving my Airmiles ;-)

  9. Mark says:

    Hi I am very inspired by your entry, trying to recreate the same thing just for fun. Now I have some questions (I don’t need code, but some answers); I think this works with images in the background as input for the movements, right? But how does an image look like?

    • UnitZeroOne says:

      Mark, sorry for the late reply. The blog got snowed under. Yes, the input is images. They are essentially black and white heightmaps which are converted in bump/heightmaps. These normals are used to control the movement of the individual particles. If you look in the papervision3d code base, you’ll find my old code to generate bump/normalmaps from heightmaps. (somewhere in the materials dir, if memory serves me right).

  10. Ventoline says:

    Interesting, got some more?

  11. Thonbo says:

    Hey Ralf

    Big fan of your work both from pv3d -and what you do now. I stumble across your name in my class lib on a dayli basis ;)

    but where is all this going, your posting alot of links lately on your twitter with some really nice results – are you planning to release the ultimate flash 3d api or is it just brainfarts for now :D
    if you working on something big we would hate to see it end up like Alternativa3d as a “hiredguns” payperview flash consultant api

    or can you say now that your going the opensource way
    - from what i can read from your opengl_vs_directx and billgates tweets, i might allready have that answer but, would be nice to have a confirmation on that point.


  12. UnitZeroOne says:


    Triangle3D has no purpose but being my personal playground right now. It’s implementing things the way I want and need them at any given time to experiment and play. After putting a rather huge effort in Papervision3D and the restrictions of building a publicly available API and the decisions which have to be made for the wide implementation it needs to be, it’s great for me to just enjoy, try out and implement knowledge as I see fit. I don’t want Triangle3D to be the new Papervision3D, Away3D, Alternativa3D, Yogurt3D or anything. It’s a means for me to build knowledge and enjoy.

    That being said, I’m not closing the option of eventually opensourcing it. But it’s absolutely not like any of the aforementioned API’s. It’s open ended and frankly, quite messy and I don’t want to structure it right now to be anything but a personal playground.

    Others might learn from it in the future, as I have learned much from what other people have opensourced. But for now, it’s just what it is. Experimental.


  13. Thonbo says:


    but if you ever want to show some of your work i personally dont mind it being messy code -thats how i work my self – and taking the “restrictions of building a publicly available API” in mind – i want to point out that im one of thoes narrow minded flyfuckers that think “hey if it works on my computer i frankly dont give a flying rats ass what the end user gets” ( i hope my boss doesnt read this :P ) – so with that in mind i hope that when you think about posting some code – in my opinion you dont necessarily have to go all the way like pv3d or away3d – you could just open a small google repository and just opload some messy snippets as you go on and toy with it. i fully understand the feeling, that just needing to calm down and play with stuff without having to quality assure everything. take it in your own tempo – wich btw seems to be blazing right not with almost daily breakthroughs posted on twitter :P

    so just wanted to see where this where going – and if you deside to share i promise to keep my expectations very low – not that your work isnt worth it but just to keep a relaxing distance for you to take it where you want it and not what the community wants :P if you get me)

    /big fan :D @

  14. Arne says:

    Hi Ralph,

    cool stuff :) I am just diving into 3D and I am playing around with the pixel bender. How did you achieve such a soft and nice light? Is this something you can give me a hint about?

  15. sonicoliver says:

    I missed out :(

    is there a mirror?

  16. Spencer says:

    Please bring back the rest of the experiments. They couldn’t have been more inspiring.

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