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My favorite Adobe User Group does it again! And how! At the threshold of end of the year, on the 3rd December, the dutch AUG in co-operation with Adobe presents to you a full XL event. With the popularity of the normal meetings rising and rising and these event being of an exceptional level for any type of usergroup, this time, the lid is fully blown off!

The XL event will bring some great national and international speakers to the stage; Dave August of OOOii will talk about his use of Flash in JJ Abram’s Star Trek, as well as his creative input to movies such as Fast & Furious. Tobias Mannewitz of Karakter will be there and with work on projects for Spellbound, EA Games and SCEE this promises to be a session not to miss! Anita and Geoff from Champagne Valentine will amongst other great things talk about an interactive music video they created for Placebo.  Adobe will give you insights in their products and tooling with such international renowned speakers / evangelists as Serge Jespers, Jason Levine and Paul Burnett. If that’s not enough, Niko Stumpo of Hanazuki will be talking about the studio’s new work together with Mark Barzinski of Barzinski and Jean Jean. Dirk Groten of Layar fame will be talking about the Layar platform, something I’m looking forward to find out more about. Last but hopefully not least, I was honored to get an invitation to speak, and I will be talking about my latest forays into realtime flash.

This lineup is already stellar, with more names to come and be added to the list! Combine that with the friendly atmosphere and a great place to extend your network, learn and enjoy, this is an event not to be missed. Even if this is run by the dutch usergroup, I wouldn’t be surprised if people come in from all over, as this XL event truly is XL. Be there! And if you do, make sure you say hi!

Get more information at the XL webpage, follow the AUG on twitter, and order the insanely low priced tickets here.

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  4. Het programma voor het Adobe User Group XL event is bekend, zie Creatieve professionals kunnen een brede reeks inspirerende sessies verwachten: van interactief tot aan crossmedia, mobile, virals, imaging, motion graphics, games en augmented reality. Kortom, dit mag je niet missen! Tot 3 december in De Meervaart te Amsterdam.

  5. Almost sold out!
    Nog maar een paar dagen tot Adobe User Group XL en de kaarten vliegen de deur uit! Twijfel niet en bestel je ticket want ‘op is op’ en dan mis je een van de coolste evenementen van dit jaar. Tickets >>

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