A PV3D book : Papervision3D Essentials

I normally don’t delve into book reviews or endorsements; and I won’t go there just yet with this post. But I do want to get your attention for the first released Papervision3D book; Papervision3D Essentials.

Written by Jeff Winder and Paul Tondeur, this elaborate, 13 chapter book looks great for anyone wanting to learn or deepen their knowledge of the Papervision3D API and Engine. Congratulations to both authors for getting it released! Great job!

Although I haven’t recieved my ([total disclosure] free, thank you guys), copy for review yet, the book looks promising, if you can judge it by these two free online chapters, about Lines3D and VectorVision.

As one of the core members of Papervision3D and having architectured and written rather large portions of the Papervision 2 Engine, for me personally it’s amazing to see a project like this. It’s documenting code that the team has been writing over the years and getting it on paper, along with an explanation and examples is something huge to me, as well as being huge for people wanting to start or already experienced with the engine! Having recieved multiple mails full of questions and additional bug fixes (as have other members of the team) from Paul and Jeff, I can assure they have been thorough in reviewing & examplifying the Papervision code base.

In a way, that’s a very odd feeling; an obscure function which might have been thought up and written at 2pm at night (which during the initial dev of Papervision3D 1.7, 1.9 and 2.0 was rule, rather then exception), might now have gotten an explanation in the book.

One thing the project has been lacking the most though, was a paper resource to look things up; and that has now arrived!

I will blog a more thorough review after having recieved and read the book. Can’t wait to see this book as a piece of tangible material and actually hold it!


Another free chapter has emerged as PDF. Chapter 8; modelling and importing to Papervision3D.

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8 Responses to A PV3D book : Papervision3D Essentials

  1. Paul Tondeur says:

    Thanks for this kind blog post Ralph! I really appreciated the help we’ve got from you and the rest of the team. And now even a blog post on your website!

    As you said, we have really gone through about every method that is in the Papervision3D project. Overall, we are really impressed by the quality of the code. We can really see how much hard work you and the team spend on the project.

    Hopefully the community can grow even bigger now that there is documentation on paper :-)

  2. Javier says:

    Excelent Ralph !! I’m looking forward to read it.

    Can you tell me which version of the Papervision3D engine the book is based on?

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  4. Elliot Rock says:

    How much of this is relevant to papervisionX?


  5. Conugcen says:

    я так считаю: благодарю!! а82ч

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