Some experiments with the FP10 3D api. Shading & Speed

A smooth shaded elephant.

A smooth shaded elephant.

Behind the scenes I’ve been insanely busy for the last months. But just to keep you posted on some progess on my side, here’s some demos of me playing around with Flash Player 10′s 3D API’s.

I’ll keep this short, here’s some demos.

Some tests with shading : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

You’ll notice that the speed slows down when you go up in the number of examples. The amount of triangles increase per example. Since shading is still one of the most heavy appliances of any 3D engine, I thought it would be good to start out testing that, and see how it would work in a realistic 3D engine environment.

Next, this is not adviced to look at if you get car-sick easily…..a pure speed test.

A bit slower then it could run using any of the new wmodes, but for speeds sake, we’re getting there.

Source code not available yet. First I’m looking at how to optimize. And yes, I’m working hard on a new version of Papervision3D, with the rest of the team. Soon I’ll post some better examples, including a BSP example.

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22 Responses to Some experiments with the FP10 3D api. Shading & Speed

  1. David says:

    Those look amazing, the frame rate is pretty good in most cases. Out of curiosity, are you interpolating vertex normals for these examples, or only envmap coordinates? It would be cool to see -real- phong shading :)

  2. are you using pixelbender too or just player 10 graphics apis?
    if you’re not using it: why?

    (however…that elephant looks great! :) )

    • UnitZeroOne says:

      Jensa : Thanks man!
      Piergiorgio : It’s the internal 3D math functionality together with the new graphic API’s. PB wouldn’t be able to render that many seperate triangles and keep your cpu alive.

  3. stef says:

    Awesome ! Well done ;-)

  4. dVyper says:

    Truly brilliant. My comp was able to handle all of the example except dumbo without noticable slowdown. I can’t wait to get some source for this!

    • UnitZeroOne says:

      Thanks dVyper and stef! These are really ment to see where the bogging down starts. The elephant and it’s relative screensize is more likely to fail the speed department due too the actual rendering of pixels then the shader code. +5000 triangles drawing is somewhat heavy on flash. I also think we are meeting the limits of a software rasterizer.

  5. Tyler Egeto says:

    Looks great! It is amazing how far you guys have come.

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  8. TUNCAYS says:


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  11. They are great examples for Flash Player 10.

    But i have some problems with the minor version of flash player 10;
    in Flash Player 10.0 r12 it is fine
    it does not show mappings in Flash Player 10.0.2 d26 as you can see in the image here

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  13. 16ar says:

    you PV3D guys JUST rock !

    When will we have the pleasure to play with this new engine and do you think i will be usable with physics engines like jiglib ?


  14. Thierry says:

    It would be great for a source code, or tutorial for something like this.
    if you know of any – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE point me in the right direction!!

    im looking to do something very similar. :)


  15. rob says:

    have you tried any examples in GPU mode and if so, any noticeable differences between GPU and the other wmodes?

  16. monse says:

    it´s awezome but where can i find a tuto ?
    i´m looking for a modeling tuto in flex with PV3D
    can u help me?

  17. Mark says:


    Has the code for this type of shader support been released as part of Papervision 2.0? Where can I find more info on the type of shader support for PPV?

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