FITC Chicago and Seoul & Papervision3D Workshops.

I just returned from teaching the Papervision3D workshop in Sweden; it was an awesome group and good fun! For all those who attended : Thank you very much for the good and fun workshop, you where an awesome group! Also many thanks for Johan and Marcus from the local usergroup for helping out with the event!

This week Saturday I’ll be heading off to Chicago to be part of the FITC Chicago event. I’m looking forward to doing my Flash 2D & 3D effects session as well as a 1 day workshop on Papervision3D. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do so as there are still some tickets left, but they are going fast!

Register here for the RMI Papervision3D 2.0 workshop Chicago.

Sorry for the silence on this blog lately, personal matters take priority and as such it will be more quiet here over the coming months. But expect a nice blog on some exiting news here tomorrow. Looking forward to see any of you attending FITC Chicago.

And then some more exiting news; FITC Seoul is happening and I am lucky enough to be invited to come over and speak amongst these great names ; Joshua Davis, Erik Natzke, Kyle Cooper, Richard Galvan, Marcos Weskamp, and Euna Seoul. With such an awesome line up, I’m sure this will surely be a success and a opportunity for us to reach out to the korean / asian community! Looking forward to see any of you there!

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4 Responses to FITC Chicago and Seoul & Papervision3D Workshops.

  1. Marcus Stade says:

    This is way overdue, but I just found your blog damnit. Thanks for the workshop in Sweden, it was awesome. Also, nice meeting you again at FOTB in Brighton. Too bad the tight schedule didn’t allow for a night of crazy beer drinking. Next time!

  2. these look great ralph! i loved the torus knot with you in the enviorment mapping! LOL! the elephant only gets about 5 fps on my laptop, but the speed test (which made me sick) ran at 45 fps! great work! well worth downloading flashplayer 10!

    • UnitZeroOne says:

      Thanks Xero. Speeds will go up a lot still, this is just initial testing. For the shaders, the limit is really reached fast, but with smarter handling of the triangles in the pipeline, we’ll get stuff a lot faster.

  3. Denzu says:

    This is fantastic. Do you have an estimate of a release date for a Flash 10 implemenation of PaperVision 3D?

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