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Papervision3D : Cut any mesh into 2 new meshes. (source).

A nice addition to the Papervision3D code base. With the latest repository version of Papervision3D 2.0 / GreatWhite, it is possible to cut any TriangleMesh into half. Here’s how : var meshes:Array = MeshUtil.cutTriangleMesh(triangleMesh, cuttingPlane); Where the cutting plane is … Continue reading

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Flash Lite Licensed by Microsoft … and Silverlight on iPhone ?

Interesting news this morning. Microsoft and Adobe have an agreement to license the Flash Lite player for windows mobile phones. Whilst the rest of the world seems more worried about Flash & iPhone, this is certainly a big stride forward … Continue reading

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Papervision3D Shaders / Bumpmap example sourcecode for CS3

This demo / source file is one which was used during the Papervision3D Workshop in Amsterdam, during the fantastic FITC Amsterdam 2008 event. These are the modified final sources for the example I did at the end of the day. … Continue reading

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