Papervision3D : Cut any mesh into 2 new meshes. (source).

Halved Sphere Example

A nice addition to the Papervision3D code base. With the latest repository version of Papervision3D 2.0 / GreatWhite, it is possible to cut any TriangleMesh into half. Here’s how :

var meshes:Array = MeshUtil.cutTriangleMesh(triangleMesh, cuttingPlane);

Where the cutting plane is a Plane3D and the triangle mesh is any object with it’s own triangle geometry, including for instance ASE, DAE, MD2 or Collada, but also all primitives.

Here’s an example source for download : Mesh Cutting sources

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7 Responses to Papervision3D : Cut any mesh into 2 new meshes. (source).

  1. C4RL05 says:

    Love this one. Great job Ralph.

  2. markval says:

    Union of to Objects would be a lot more useful for file size.
    Instead of importing a whole sphere or object that is symetric, importing half of it and weld it would give same result with less file size?

    Good job with the whole project!


  3. caydieu says:

    Hi, I like your half sphere and am trying to use it. I noticed that the material is applied to the sphere and then the sphere is cut into halves, this in turn produces a half sphere with half the material. Is there a way to make it so that my material doesn’t get cut up? Thanks in advance.


  4. caydieu says:

    Hi, How do you apply material to only half of the sphere so that you’d get the full material instead of just half, thanks in advance


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