My new blog, FITC Amsterdam and rePhlex.


Everything broke on my blog today. It was time to finally move over to WordPress. I didn’t really have time at all tonight, but I decided to have a go at it anyway. I think it was a great move also thanks to Derek Punsalan’s great theme, which only needed some minor modding for widgets and style.

Now, a bigger post on FITC Amsterdam 2008 and rePhlex (a new, soon to be OpenSourced AS3 Library I have been working on) will follow soon! (above screenshot comes directly from rePhlex).

And if I didn’t include your link in my blog roll, but you are sure I should have, contact me…I didn’t do it on purpose.

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4 Responses to My new blog, FITC Amsterdam and rePhlex.

  1. Martin Bjeld says:

    Hi Ralph.
    Nice work on the blog!. It looks great. Looking forward to the see, and play with rePhlex.

    Best Regards, Martin.

  2. Franto says:

    Hey Ralph, Im wondering what’s Rephlex;)) And it would be great to have link in your blog roll ;) )

  3. ryan says:

    any futher news on rephlex?

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