The latest Flash 9 breaks stuff…

I love the new Flash Player. It features built in mipmapping, hd, multicore support, amongst other things. We should all be very happy. The PV3D specific updates (read tinic’s blog) are really going to help accelerate the adoption of 3D on the web, by allowing faster rendering of 3D on the most ubiquitous player out there. BUT! There is a but.

2 major things seem to be broken…one of them by choice, the other, hopefully by mistake.

1. .draw() Video from an RTMP stream :
This one I can understand. I didn’t come past it during the beta testing though, so it was some sort of a surprise. To take the contents of a video stream (RTMP), there was this nice little hack to circumvent the security sandbox : you’d disconnect from the stream, do a .draw() to a bitmapdata, and reconnect. This enabled for instance for streaming video to be played on a 3D plane…gone. Why ? Well, from adobe’s POV I can understand basically allows for the ripping of 3D content, so it’s considered to be a security hole…how one would rip an entire video through this path…it would be highly inefficient. Now, this being all cool, there’s one BUT to the reasoning here. To be able to do this again, you’ll have to get FMS3, which will allow you to set a flag, to allow for the copying again.

So here you are, with your FMS2 server park, and your 3D video chat application, ready to launch…oops…better switch to FMS3….it will cost you some licenses, but hey, you’d be able to get functionality which already worked back….see my reasoning here ? It doesn’t feel quite right that there’s a price tag to get functionality you already had back. If I’d be owning a FMS2 License, I wouldn’t be to happy anymore at all. For my own private, small stuff, I would be going for Red5 or today’s fresh release haxeVideo 1.0 anyway ;-) . Let’s hope that these projects quickly find a way to enable that little “allow Draw()” flag soon ;-)

2. SOUND_COMPLETE and the infamous sound hack. Some of the most exiting features of Flash 9 (bytearray, and Loader.loadBytes, together with SOUND_COMPLETE), have enabled coders to do one thing we’ve been longing for for a long, long time. Have a way to generate sound dynamically, and send it out banging to the users speakers…I don’t know how long we’ve all been hoping for this one. Although a hack on itself, it worked rather well; even to this stage, that I wouldn’t consider it a hack, rather a workaround, for the inability of using some kind of advanced sound API in Flash. Since Flash 5-6, not that much has happened in the sound area of the Flash Player. 8 brought us some more channels…9 gave us the power we needed to create audio on the fly. During some chats with Joa, we both experienced problems with the audio out in the beta players, both figuring it must have been the beta (we should have reported this).

Now, Andre finds that SOUND_COMPLETE event is become completely unusable to be able to sync the sound output….a major loss for the Flash community. Although I would strongly disagree with Andre’s comment “Making music is cool! Much cooler than 3D” ;-) (I’d put them up to par with each other; Andre, you know just as well as I do that audio and video complement each other ;-) )…please help Andre advance again and sign his petition to Adobe; maybe we could it expand it to reinstate the video “workaround” too ;-)

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2 Responses to The latest Flash 9 breaks stuff…

  1. I won’t be upgrading any time soon then!

    Damn, it also broke André’s audio experiments??? That’s terrible. I signed the petition. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Pedro says:

    Adobe really messed this one up, not only because it doesn’t allow you to do stuff you already did, but also breaks alot of older projects. I really hope that they come around on this one…

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