Speaking & Workshop at FITC Amsterdam.

fitcamsterdam.jpegFITC comes to Amsterdam! They have a great line up and I’m more then proud to be one of the speakers. Amongst the speakers you’ll find : Gmunk (3D madness! Love that guy), Samuel Agesilas (finally getting to see Saffron! Code tool deluxe.), Chris Allen (Red5 Guru, infrared5), Aral Balkan (osflash hero of all time, SWX creator), R Blank (video!video!), Lee Brimelow (makes Air even more fun!), Joshua Davis (‘nough said! Right ? YEAH!), Koen de Wegghheleire (Bitmap & Matrix madness!), Joa Ebert (anyone who doesn’t know what he does is missing out, for this session he’s going to show off some Hydra…say that again! Hydra…), Peter Elst (low down on any Adobe tech…period), Hoss Gifford (you wouldn’t miss him, would ya?), John \m/ Grden (Flash. Rockstar. ‘Nough said), Branden Hall (AS code skills ? Madness!), Rogier Hendriks, Harm van Zon; the guys from OneSize (motion graphics…more then inspiring stuff), Joshua Hirsch (landing the big spaceship in Amsterdam!), Serge Jespers (Adobe eu guru), Joost Korngold (the inspirator for Papervision3D, ask Carlos), Seb Lee-Deslisle (Particle madness), Andre Michelle (without him, Flash would be a deafening silence..without sounds…and I probably wouldn’t be Flashing), Colin Moock (AS3…everything), Erik Natzke (Owwww yeah!), James Paterson (motion graphics and animation…hmmm…me like, me like alot), Niko Stumpo (made moonflowers and lovechilds cool again! Awesome graphics, concepts and design), Jared Tarbell (YES! Finally I get to see him), Carlos Ulloa (without Carlos, there wouldn’t be no Papervision3D)….and more and more….Also FITC has done something real special..namely bringing Carlos Ulloa, John Grden, Tim Knip and me together (these are the 4 people that comprise of the Papervision3D core team), to bring you a very special workshop : Papervision3D from the core. Each of the team members will handle their own specialty to bring you the most complete and indepth workshop of Papervision3D yet.Next to this workshop I will be doing a session on Flash 3D and 2D effects, which I hope you’ll find to be highly inspirational and technical at the same time!Hope to see you there, I’m greatly looking forward.check it out here and remember, early bird registration ends Jan 8th 2008

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  1. I agree… FITC Amsterdam is going to rock! Looking forward to seeing you there Ralph!

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