Where NASA JPL technology meets Flash!

Earthmine, the company which I’ve been so happy doing Papervision3D / AIR / Flex work for (see previous post on this), have just announced their exlusive deal with NASA JPL. The licensed technology has been use in for instance the Mars Rovers; now coming to a street near you to index reality! As if the project wasn’t exiting enough, this is great news!”The agreement between JPL and earthmine includes exclusive use of software and algorithms for street level mapping, and asset management and encompasses stereo vision systems and camera calibration algorithms. earthmine will utilize the software and algorithms as a part of its processing pipeline, which automates the creation of high-quality, seamless panoramic imagery with pixel-for-pixel 3D depth information from its image collection system.”Just envision what this will mean for a mapping application…!Link

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3 Responses to Where NASA JPL technology meets Flash!

  1. that’s crazy man! Ralph, way to go!

  2. Hello..
    The link for the announcement seems broken..
    Congrats on the great job.

    • UnitZeroOne says:

      Hi Savvas,

      You’re right. I’m still going through the new blog phase, so stuff is broken here and there. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Working on getting it corrected.


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