Video Interview on Papervision3D

I was present at the AIR presentation by Mike Chambers and Lee Brimelow at DFUG, Aarhus, Denmark (actually, it was hosted at LYNFabrikken, which is also the location of RIActivate, one of the (very) new things I’m doing together with my friends and partners Asger and Martin). While chatting with Mike and Lee, turned out they had a camera with them and would like to do an interview with me on Papervision3D.Check it out here.It’s been quiet here, sorry about that. It’s all in benefit of my clients and more importantly to you, Papervision3D user, Papervision3D 2.0. There’s a nice unseen demo in the interview (waterball), I’ll post that soon.

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2 Responses to Video Interview on Papervision3D

  1. Lee Brimelow says:

    Thanks for agreeing to do it Ralph!

  2. the waterball demo in the video is tight! i cant wait for 2.0!!!

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