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Rsizr : Image carving for the masses. (dynamic know)

Another post for the day. It’s not that long ago since we saw the image carving algorithm being ported to Flash by several people. but Rsizr makes it available to the masses. It’s a nice Flex app. The algo gets … Continue reading

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Another update on Flash 10 : Hydra / AIF

Franto was as nice to point me to the AIF release at adobe Labs, just seconds before Joa was there to tell me he had 2 examples already up and running…talking about a buzz [Update] Aral has a video of … Continue reading

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Hot news; Adobe announces Flash 10 "Astro"

This just in; Adobe announces Flash 10 and some of it’s new features (via Carlos, PV3D ML).So! Everyone gets to learn a bit more about Flash 10! What’s notable for us, humble AS / 3D developers ?1. Better text handling….doesn’t … Continue reading

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