Flash Player 10, runs Fullscreen Quake 2 ?

Ok, I’m out on a limb here. I’ve heard some rumours about a demo apparently been showed at MAX. What has been showed (this is second hand, I might be totally off here), is the Quake 2 Code base been run on Flash Player 10.As it is told to me, apparently there is a C++ pre-processor in service here; it compiles C++ code to AVM bytecode; someone @ Adobe must have then used that to port the Quake 2 sourcecode too a version compatible with this AVM, and the Flash Rasterizer, or maybe even the “postcards in space” 3D API….fullscreen rendering would at least rule out the BitmapData object, as it is in it’s state in 9; it makes way more sense to have the Flash Rasterizer do this part of the load.[edit]If anyone can confirm any of this with a video ? :D [/edit]On all the speculations on what Flash 3D is, this is my short thought.The way I see it; both hydra and Flash Player accelerated (no, I’m not saying hardware, I’m saying Flash Player) 3D are great additions, and we will be able to use these additions in Papervision3D, expanding our API with it, and using the 10 features to make Papervision3D be, harder, better, faster, stronger.[UPDATE]Thanks to Zeh, a link to a video at Peter Elst’s blog (2nd video @ 4:50): It’s Quake 1, it seems running low res anyway, I’m guessing it’s using hardware upscaling to make up for fullscreen. None the less, still very exciting.The preprocessor thing is going from C/C++ to AS3, to AVM Bytecode.[/UPDATE]

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  1. kamsi says:

    Came across an interesting web site yesterday, which is a nice mashup using Google Maps to show where you can find talented web 2.0 developers. Jobalize is a project that S̩bastien Gruhier is involved in Рhe is the author the prototype window class project. The best part is the HUGE spinning indicator =) (translate)

  2. Zeh says:

    I’ve posted the video on the pv3d list, but:


  3. Wow the AIR to C/C++ hooks are very exciting. Adobe is throwing down right now.

  4. J says:

    It’s actually Quake 1 not Quake 2 and here’s the video for it :p


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