Hot news; Adobe announces Flash 10 "Astro"

This just in; Adobe announces Flash 10 and some of it’s new features (via Carlos, PV3D ML).So! Everyone gets to learn a bit more about Flash 10! What’s notable for us, humble AS / 3D developers ?1. Better text handling….doesn’t really get me excited, not to many details available right now.2. “Hydra” – A language to write you own BitmapFilters…this one was high on my wishlist for sure. I guess you can see it a bit like the OGL / DX Pixel Shaders. According to Carlos, it executes at about the same speed as the current filters (think; blurfilter, displacementmapfilter…etc).. I wonder if we can abuse this to do calculations really fast, like for instance people nowadays do fluid dynamics etc, on the GPU. This one really gets me excited.3. 3D Support. What was shown was a plane, running a video texture with mouse events; it does seem to have perspective distortion. Although the code for this should be alot faster (it’s software in the Flash Player, not AS, as it seems right now), no hardware support….sigh…dreams…..More on this as more seeps in. Thanks for the update Carlos.[UPDATE]Zeh Fernando dished up this link on Hydra :”Efficient use of the computational resources available for image processing is a goal of the Adobe Image Foundation project. Our language, “Hydra”, is used to describe single- and multi-stage image processing kernels, which are then compiled and run on a target machine within a larger application. Similarly to how its namesake had many heads, our Hydra can be run on the GPU or alternately on the host CPU(s). AIF uses LLVM for our CPU path.”It seems to open up the door to at least spread the rendering over both CPU and GPU, where the switchback scenario would be the CPU again..hmmm…interresting…

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  1. Den Ivanov says:

    WOW. This is look reaaly hot. Cant wait for more news about it.

  2. Jon B says:

    Hydra does indeed sound very cool, however I assume this will a compile time feature and not a runtime feature – still, I can imagine some impressive PV3D materials being created ;)

    The 3D support does sound interesting too – I was half expecting Adobe to approach PV3D for inclusion. Even if the only thing adobe adds is native ‘distort’ that would presumably make a huge difference to the speed that current AS-based 3D engines run at.

  3. Zeh says:

    Highly revelant is the link posted by joa e. on the same thread:

    Contains more information about Hydra and AIF, as well as a downloadable AIF toolkit/demo (that seems to run on Pixel Shader 3.0 cards only?).

  4. Cedric says:

    Hydra seems to be an ideal to work with based-texture effects in PV3D !

    Thx for the news Ralph.

  5. If they will make working with text really good, this will help everyone who works with Flash to finally achieve the worth markup without numerous hacks :)

  6. stef says:

    I agree with you, if the text works correctly now, it will be the major feature of this release. I think most of us lost so much time on those text problems…

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