Earthmine : Papervision3D & indexing reality. (video)

This is for sure one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on. Earthmine inc. is a company which focused on indexing reality. “What’s that ?”, I hear you think. Well, if I’d had to put it in short, it’s google’s streetview on steroids; but in my opinion that’d be shortcoming to what it really is…Anthony Faserro of Earthmine says it like this : “It’s like walking on the street with a map in your hand”. But what if you can double click on a building you see, and end up standing right in front of it ? What if you want to tag a building in 3d space, for your friends to find on any kind of other map, using advanced exporting to world ? What if you want to measure how far it is from that car to that building ? Take a pciture of that appartment you really really want, and have it geotagged automatically ? Or index infrastructure in a large city, that wasn’t indexable before ? That’s what Earthmine does.Earthmine indexes a city with very high resolution still images, and indexes everything photographed in 3D space. The blanket name for this would be “geo-spatial indexing”. It took me a while to get my head around what that meant, but while we where working are at the first alpha version of this application, I realized what fantastic opportunities this opens. The amount of 3d and visual data which is exposed through this interface is fantastic, the possibilities endless…this demo just shows the tip of the so-called iceberg.Earthmine first contacted me after seeing some of the Papervision3D work I’ve done, and after the prototyping of an initial application, we’ve been working for a while to come this version, finally unveiled at the DEMOfall 2007 conference, where they where invited for a slot.For me this project is alot of things. First of all, a great time, a great learning experience about geo-spatial data, a good way to work on improving the Papervision3D engine where possible and working with a great and brilliant team of developers and visionaries. It’s hard to not talk in superlatives about this product and these people for me.The visionaries who came up with this are John Ristevski, and Anthony Fassero of Earthmine inc.The backend was build by them and their team (Jahawar, Chris, Oliver, Christian).The frontend, based on a modded version of Papervision3D, the interface Flex, and is being developed by Guido van Loon and me.Also, gratitude to all other developing members of the Papervision3D team, as for without this engine, this wouldn’t been happening (on the Flash Platform).The DEMOfall 2007 conference :Video with the car, and another interface demo.

Interview with Anthony Fassero :

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2 Responses to Earthmine : Papervision3D & indexing reality. (video)

  1. Hi Ralph! Nice to see what projects you are up to yourself! Looking forward to an interactive demo. So this mainly uses the skybox, or am I wrong?

  2. Hi Ralph,

    This is *realy* f*ckin’ nice! Holy Moly! Good job sir :)



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