AS3 3D : These demos will blow you away! Watch! Really!

This years Assembly demo party had a very strong browser demo contest up and running. 2 Entries really stand out, and if you want to be blown away, have a good look.First up :ADHDTV by Evoflash & BombSquad (download)evo.jpgEvo and Bombsquad have done an awesome job here. When I was in Finland at the beginning of this year (-22 degrees celcius…damn), I met up with Jalava, and he told me about this demo they where building…based upon a modded version of Papervision3D. As it is now, this has become a demo which is built on top of Away3D, which was in turn based on Papervision3D (although, honestly, it’s an engine in it’s own right)Awesome job guys.Our second place competitor :Continuum by Minority (download)demo_cell.jpgdemo_bump.jpgWOW! This one made me lose my bragging rights as the only one who did bumpmapping, phongshading and cellshading in Flash 3D. Also, they got realtime shadows in there! WOW WOW! WOW! Good job guys, looks fantastic.We better speed up in getting all our new stuff in Papervision3D, before these guys surpass us even more.Speaking of which; people have been complaining a bit about us not getting the materials out yet. We are still working on it hard, and we are on the virge of getting the new materials (which are now not materials anymore, rather then shaders in). Biggest problem ? Time. I need to finish some commercial work, then go on vacation this Saturday. But hey, they’ll get there, and then the entire community can enjoy shader goodness.Now, back to work.(btw : the last 2 official browser entries : 1 silverlight demo, and 1 js demo. Spots 1,2 and 3 are Flash ;-) Go Flash).[UPDATE] Also spot 4 is taken by a Flash Demo. Thanks Jac, sorry for not posting it earlier.

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2 Responses to AS3 3D : These demos will blow you away! Watch! Really!

  1. Gawain says:

    Bumpmapping (normalmappin actually) also uses specular map.
    The dark lines you can see in the metallic parts are not in the diffuse map but actually caused by specular mapping. The “cellshading” effect is just evnironment map ;)

  2. jac says:

    I think Minoritys demo was best in compo, never the less the evoflash demo was very entertaining. I was a bit expecting something like this from Gawain after very promising 32k+mp3 compo by

    Ralph, there was actually 4 flash demos that took places 1to4! Don’t ignore mine, even if it wasn’t audiences favorite :)

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