Papervision3D 1.5 out.

Woohoo! We (Papervision3D) ‘ve done a new release !I personally see this release as a big milestone towards a new revision (shading…soon).We’ve been working on the this release with some basic feature sets in mind and with a definitive look to the future releases. This lays the foundation for a couple of things. This was focused on speed and preparing the materials, as well as cleaning up the parts of the engine where the VM spends most time at runtime. In the specific used benchmark for this, we achieved 40% faster rendering on most machines. The time spent inside the engine’s renderloop is cut down to 40% in most cases.Also, we’ve got interactivity now. This is implemented using the Flash Players capabilities. I see a big step towards more interactive 3D applications with this first release of it.Unfortunatly I didn’t have time to do demos, but John has done a very nice demo showing interactivity and rectangle culling.

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