Papervision3D preso files & video of the demo.

Finally they are here! And as an extra, a video of some nice 3D in Flash.

I did sessions on Papervision3D at FITC Chicago, OFLA2, MMUG and AUG NL lately. These are the slides I used, including the 3 minute Flash 3D realtime demo “PaperCubes”.

Now, I’m not much of a modeller, so a bunch of sound synced cubes are about all I could do while preparing to do these sessions. ;-) The music for the demo was taken from the website…it’s from the album called dust reformer. It’s an awesome tune!

All slides where and are a bit different per session, but this is the latest and greatest. If your machine isn’t heavy enough to run the realtime 3D demo @ 1024×768, I also have uploaded a video to youtube for your pleasure. My mac @ 2.2Ghz was almost crumbling while screen capturing and compressing while running this Flash, so expect your CPU being busy while trying to render this.

For the presentation : just run the main.swf in the Flash Player (browser is going to be slower). Press left and right to go through the main slides, up and down to go through sub slides.

The demos I did on the Papervision3D Flex component and the new materials : they’ll both be out soon!

The presentation slides (27MB). These include the demo, music and a showreel; which explains the size

And the video of the demo on youtube :

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3 Responses to Papervision3D preso files & video of the demo.

  1. Keith Peters says:

    Nice cubes, Ralph!

  2. Mr.doob says:

    Ocean machine in AS3 \o/ ( )

    Hehe, that was the same scene where I learnt about rendering-the-ambient-occlusion-data-to-texture trick :)

    You know what are my feelings about using Asm invitation track in a kind-of-demo tho, however I was the first one using Ocean Machine’s track in one of my visualizers ;)

    Oh.. sceners, we all make everything more complicated :D

    Anyway, nice demo dude! next time, try to put the shadow of the black cubes, that was one 2nd-wow factor on that Ocean Machine’s scene (well, I guess the music made a lot of it too :D ).

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