Goodbye job, hello own company ! UnitZeroOne.

For the last years I have been working at Satama / Satama Flash Fabriek. Now it’s time to move on. As of the 1st of July I am no longer one of the Flash Fabriek employee’s.Things have been very busy again lately. Most notably I have been very busy, to busy to update the blog. Why ? I’ve decided to start doing business as UnitZeroOne. From now on I am going to be available as an independent consultant and developer, under the name of this blog.I’m looking forward to a new challenge and phase of evolution in my life!If you want to contact me with inquiries regarding work, or if you have my Satama contact details and would like my new :unitzeroone.jpgI’ll be working on getting a company site running here very soon. As for the rest of the future in this. I’m hoping to bring you news on more company related stuff soon. I’m looking at partnering with several other people and creating a company with them. Also, I will continue doing work on the Papervision3D engine.

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15 Responses to Goodbye job, hello own company ! UnitZeroOne.

  1. Peter says:

    hey congrats Ralph — good move, best of luck with going freelance!

  2. spender says:

    i did exactly the same thing last month. it’s a good time for people in our line of work. good luck.

  3. Ralph – congratulations and best of luck!! I think you will have fun and do well. I’ve been on my own since May 1997 and never regretted it.

  4. Tink says:

    Sounds like a good decision!

    Can you send me a mail bud as i dont have your contact details.

  5. C4RL05 says:

    Congratulations, Ralph! It’s an excellent time to enjoy work again. Best of luck!

  6. John Grden says:

    \m/ on Ralph! congratulations man, you’re going to do just great!

  7. Ryan Taylor says:

    That’s awesome man. Congrats!

  8. katopz says:

    good for you! hope everything going well (as it’s must be :)

  9. jalava says:

    Congrats! Are you going to visit Assembly Summer ’07 btw?

  10. Whizzkid says:

    Congrats and best of luck dude!

  11. Congrats dude,
    take it from, being your own boss \m/ rocks \m/ !
    Just remember 3 things:
    1) Remember to work enough hours (nobody will stop you from quitting early)
    2) Remember not to work too much (it will kill you and you’ll be begging to have a boss again)
    3) Do your taxes in time :p


    U got mail

  12. Fragilem17 says:

    Congrats! Keep on doing the stuff you do! Your presentation in Belgium about papervision yesterday really was inspiring!

  13. ivan says:

    It’s an excellent time to enjoy work again. Best of luck

  14. ivan says:

    That’s awesome man. Congrats!

  15. He Ralph,

    Gefeliciteerd, goede keuze, heb na Media Catalyst hetzelfde gedaan.

    Stuur ff een mailtje met je contact gegevens,

    Groet Sidney

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