Flash Player 9 Update 3 Beta 1, Papervision benefits.

I’m just back from FITC Chicago, where I had a great time! Thanks everyone for attending the session and thanks too all the people I’ve been hanging out with for the great time!Now, coming back all jet lagged and such, Adobe had a surprise waiting; they released the Flash Player 9U3B1 (and Flex 3, but that is out of scope of this little post). What does this mean ? Well, no one better then Tinic to actually describe it.Let me quickly go over some implications :Mip MappingAs Tinic actually mentions Papervision3D, it is clearly a great thing for the project. I’ve been working on implementing a mipmapping material in AS3 / Papervision future version. Not just for the speed increase, also for the visual improvements you get out of that. To do proper mipmap picking in 3d space you actually have to do quite alot of calcs per face; I never got it totally sorted out, and nothing actually to achieve more performance; this gets alot of things sorted.MultithreadingYesss…….slowly the world is adopting multiple cores, and now these cores will be utilized by the Flash player to do some of the most intensive work in there : Rasterizing vectors, Filtering bitmaps and video decoding. These 3 processes are probably the most intensive for Flash. In PaperVision3D the vector rasterizing is a big bottle neck. The bitmap filtering over multiple cpu’s should be noticeable to anyone doing some extensive filter work. For the Papervision3D materials this means alot and very speedy normal mapping might become a reality.Fulllscreen modeWow. Hardware upscaling of a screen area to fullscreen. Now, this is amazingly handy. If you want to do fullscreen 3D on your machine, you don’t have to actually render to the screen area that machine’s screen covers. Panorama’s can now go fullscreen without getting hammered for performance, for instance. The specs needed to get the upscaling are amazingly low.Need to jet lag out now, expect more this week.

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  1. Yea… This is really excited. I especially love the multithreading and Mip Mapping support. This is in direct response to all the wonderful things you and the papervision team have been up to! Kudos to you Carlos and John.


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