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Pushing technology with porn…sounds familiar ?

A little offtopic, but I found this one interesting. Everybody knows the VHS/Betamax story. Sony bigshots didn’t want to publish porn on their superior format Betamax and as an result the public fled to VHS. Or so the story goes. … Continue reading

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Going to FITC. Papervision3D unites

Yesterday I got it all together! I’m going to join FITC. That means that Carlos Ulloa, John Grden and me (incidentally, we were all at Spark 2005 together too, but we didn’t meet up all together then, since there was … Continue reading

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Cool 3D site : Pictaps meets Pepsi.

You’ll probably all know pictaps by roxik (pull the face) by now, you know the one with the dancing 3d paperfigures you can draw yourself. Apparently more people noticed, and there is now a Pepsi branded version of pictaps (in … Continue reading

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