Pushing technology with porn…sounds familiar ?

A little offtopic, but I found this one interesting. Everybody knows the VHS/Betamax story. Sony bigshots didn’t want to publish porn on their superior format Betamax and as an result the public fled to VHS. Or so the story goes. Now here’s a bunch of geeks ‘turning the trick around’. How would you get the world to start using IPv6? Well, maybe if we offer some free pr0n ? (I’m guessing comment spam will skyrocket on my blog, after this post).The Great IPv6 Experiment promises that after a user converts his good trusty old IPv4 protocol based connection to the newer superior IPv6 variant, the users will be offer some (10Gb) porn content. Why ? Because they want you to move to IPv6. Not that long ago IPv6 would be mentioned in one breath with that other ‘new’ tech : Web 2.0. While that’s still going strong, the buzz around IPv6 is kind of out….tired, so to say. This stunt will surely at least get the technology some renewed attention, and maybe even accelerate the implementation of it. We’ll have to go IPv6 one day anyway,since IP adresses will be running out, especially now all these new little devices like mobiles and such are going to need their own unique ip too.As a sidenote to this story; my ISP XS4ALL, has been offering free IPv6 access to their huge binary news-server (can you spell out w-a-r-e-z), newszilla for a long long long time, presumably for the same purpose (getting IPv6 used, that is).Surely not all new technology can leverage pr0n as the main content / marketing trick. Turns out, “actors” in these “nature movies” might not be flattered by the HDTV revolution. Also, some believe that the battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD will be fought and won in exactly the same way that age-old VHS/Beta story went.To keep this post at least a little flash related; here’s my thought on that in relation to our industry…..I’ve always thought that after the initial usage as banner phase Flash would be one of the most used content delivery platforms for the worlds internet p-i-m-p-s. But as to date I can’t remember receiving or seeing a porn site solely based on Flash technology. Do they even exist ? Searching for Flash + Porn on google will be like looking in a NSFW / raunchy haystack. As the flesh-entertainment industry is probably to be considered the real early adopters, are they using Flex yet ? But for Flash being used in that sector, I was really a bit afraid this would happen, and flashers would be come the production assistants (not NSFW, but if you’re at an uptight office, it is) of the online sex industry…So will WPF/e start the porn battle against Flash ? Will the battle between Apollo and WPF be settled in which desktop app will deliver the most offline enabled XXX? Yes, phun intended. Don’t take this post too serious. Feel free to comment, but keep it SFW.

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  1. Brad says:

    I worked in “said” industry for almost 10 years. I’ve only seen a handful of websites that were entirely Flash based. I think for most reasons that up until the past couple of years, creating “said” sites in Flash just wasn’t economical. Flash developers then, and still don’t really come cheap and most of those companies tend to try and hire the lowest common denominator. There’s also lots of other little things that go into play like authentication systems, overall framework, users wanting to bookmark or direct link stuff, and it goes without saying that people who subscribe to that kind of content are generally very stubborn and very fickle. What’s neat is that “said” industry has been using Flash video now since it was pretty much released back in late 2002.

  2. a noonie mouse says:

    yeah the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times… i would love to develop a flashcom live video streaming site…

  3. I understood that the reason VHS won out over Betamax was simply because it became cheaper with VHS machines being built and sold by various companies, unlike Betamax, which was Sony. Sony is notorious for coming out with their own media formats that will only play on their own hardware. Think minidisc, PSP umd, etc. So, does Blu-ray have a chance if Sony tries to keep a leash on that as well?

    On the pr0n note: it really has driven the Internet. Back in the day content was text and the occasional graphic. Why was bandwidth such an issue at that time? Because of graphics, and not many sites outside of pr0n sites really needed that many graphics. Eventually the demand grew outside of that, but I know that I can thank pr0n for my 3Mb link at home ;)

  4. Craig says:

    Another version of the IPv6Experiment is at http://www.ipv6porn.co.nz

  5. louie says:

    Sup! guys, I was wondering, I wanted to know if I could use the video clip to paste it onto a page that I am working on.

    I also have a blog going so it would be nice to hear from ya.

    Let me know, have a great day.

    Los Angeles, CA 91345

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