Going to FITC. Papervision3D unites

Yesterday I got it all together! I’m going to join FITC. That means that Carlos Ulloa, John Grden and me (incidentally, we were all at Spark 2005 together too, but we didn’t meet up all together then, since there was no Papervision3D), for the first time will all be at the same conference. I’m thinking about doing some kind of Papervision / OS Flash meetup. Give me a ping in the comments if you’re there too, and would like to meet up!

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5 Responses to Going to FITC. Papervision3D unites

  1. John Grden says:

    Dood, I’m in \m/

  2. Peter says:

    Great to hear Ralph — looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. Miles says:

    Are you guys coming to the Chicago FITC Roadshow on June 8th? I’d love to see you guys present Papervision3D there.

  4. Count me in for the meeting!

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