Papervision3D Demos : Cellshading / Toonrendering and more.

It’s been a while since I posted progress on Papervision..
I was busy doing some work on the new Papervision release, and thought it might be nice to share a preview of some of the new materials you haven’t seen yet, or not on another model then the Rhino…
Click on the screenshots, and wait a bit. The horse I use here is a bit heavier then the rhino, in terms of poly’s and model size, so it takes a while to load.

horse with phong
Horse model with phong shading & marble texture

horse zflatshaded
Horse model with zflat shading

horse zflatshaded+texture
Horse model with zflat shading & marble texture (same as phong)

horse zflatshaded+texture
Horse with cellshading, and faked silloutte

The cellshading demo requires some explanation. Normally the surface shading and silloutte rendering would be considered 2 different passes along the geometry. Real silloutte rendering is quite heavy, and currently unimplemented. So for now I faked it with a nice littlle glow filter ;-)
Let me know what you think! Comment!

And don’t forget to vote for us, for the people’s choice award at Flash in the Can.


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26 Responses to Papervision3D Demos : Cellshading / Toonrendering and more.

  1. CJ says:

    You guys are one of a kind! Simply awesome!

  2. Ryan Taylor says:

    Wow, lookin’ great man. Very nice work!

  3. JustLost says:

    That is some nice work!

    I love the cell outlines, using a glow effect is very smart! that’s what I use to ouline MCs at work.

    How many poly’s on the horse? it renders very fast here on all of the samples!

    Amazing work! Love it!

  4. Paul says:

    As usual, very impressive!

  5. zeropaper says:

    how can i say…
    at the time i begun 3d, the cellshading render quality (as plugin for 3dsmax) wasn’t as good has what you have done here…
    if only i had some time to try papervision…
    may i ask you from wich soft comes the horse model (and perhaps what kind of file you have use)?

  6. Roger says:

    Phong is looking gorgeous! The lighting and shading progress going on are astounding. I’m just waiting to see normal mapping, at which point i will pee myself. Awesome work Ralph, Carlos et al!

  7. Dennis says:

    Very very nice .. can’t wait to play with it myself. Any idea when RC2 will be released?

  8. Thomas says:

    Wow, the ‘toon-shader’ is very nice! I also like the phong-shader very much. Very good for low-poly models.
    A vote is on it’s way ;)

  9. The horse with phong shading and texture simply looks marvelous! It’s great to see that these things are possible with Flash.

    The glow filter for the outline seems a good solution to me. You should use every advantage Flash has to make it faster. These kind of tricks are the advantage you only have with Flash, so I hope you will always choose for speed rather than methodology.

  10. wow this is mind boggling, every time i see your demos i am dumb struck! love the cellshading.. keep up the good work guys

  11. bjoern says:

    wohoooo, great. can’t wait to work with rc2 ;) awesome!!!

  12. katopz says:

    well well well well

    RC2 = Really Cool 2!

    just know,lol

  13. marco says:

    simply crazy!!!

  14. Ypmits says:

    I would love to get my hands on this stuff. Amazing!

  15. Tom Lee says:

    Any word on normal-mapping?

  16. Would be nice to see the Frames-Per-Second and maybe the number of polygons…

    (FPS can be easily added, just drop Xray onto the stage ;) )

  17. steve says:

    thats amazing! Can’t wait to play around with your cool new tool.

  18. Danko says:


    I can’t wait to play with Papervision 3D either!
    (I never intended to explore 3D programming ’till now.. :-) )
    Seems it’s time to open my first 3D project ;-)
    Thank you guys!!!

  19. Stephen says:


    Great demo! Can you please tell us how you did it? I can’t seem to find infos about papervision and phong shading.


  20. vigo says:

    Nice work. I would like to learn to do this.

  21. Daniel Mihut says:

    Nice work!!!thank you!!

  22. Strider says:

    Yeah, i agree, How did you that?, there isn’t any information about how to REALLY do it except in primitives forms…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Nice demos, but why does it matter if you faked the outline? It looks really nice as is…

  24. emanuele says:

    Great!!! you can help me, sure!. I wont to carve, in marble, The last Supper in low relief. Can you transfer it from 2d (see: http://www.altadefinizione,it) to 3D?. Please let me know, all the best, E.

  25. Andrew says:

    What is the poly-count of your horse?

  26. Antago says:

    I really like your work. The rhino looks excellent. Could you e-mail me the source files for these? I am trying to figure out also why your PV3d examples are not laggy at all, despite all the processing apparently going on.

    Could you send me the rhino and/or horse examples to my e-mail? Thanks.

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