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Seriously Cool 3D game; PaperVision says hello to the Force.

“Luke, I am your father”. Now, how many people on this earth can actually say that sentence in proper context ? Well, John Grden can!!! Our Jedi of the PV3D core team has been working on his X-Wing game for … Continue reading

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Meet D.A.V.E : Beta 1.8 Flash Video site.

I just got this in via MSN : Slick interface for video aggregation. Not sure if it is Flex or Flash though. Apparently from dutch soil, so always worh mentioning ! Via Baard (who’s also on the site with … Continue reading

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So what do Blendmodes really do ?

While working on all these effects over the last years, I’ve became more and more accustomed to using filters and blendmodes to do per-pixel effects, instead of rendering them with setPixel or anything. Bumpmapping is a good example of this, … Continue reading

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