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Flex 2 video community site : KPN's Shood sees it's first light.

Yes, finally some of the work Satama FlashFabriek has been doing for client KPN sees it’s first daylight. KPN Shood has come out of the box! KPN Shood is a video community site entirely built on with a Flex 2 … Continue reading

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An interresting on insight on Flash and hardware 3D.

Jono of custom:media, author of SWFZ has put up an interesting insight on what he thinks what Adobe would consider before implementing hardware 3d. Amidst all the Apollo post this post might get drowned though What Jono doesn’t take into … Continue reading

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Wow : Check out this Flash video campaign site.

Nokia has just released their new car kit, and with a new car kit, comes a very well made Flash video campaign site. If anyone knows who created this for them, please leave a comment here. The Passenger – Enjoy … Continue reading

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