An interresting on insight on Flash and hardware 3D.

Jono of custom:media, author of SWFZ has put up an interesting insight on what he thinks what Adobe would consider before implementing hardware 3d. Amidst all the Apollo post this post might get drowned though ;-)

What Jono doesn’t take into consideration here is what the added weight of a 3D API and it’s hooks to either OpenGL or DirectX (it being crossplatform, I’d put my money on OpenGL) would mean for the overal weight of the FlashPlayer…
I’m sure there are more considerations then just those.

We’re still optimizing the new release candidate of PV3D. In the meanwhile I’d really like to do a test with PV3D and Apollo…if I’d only have the time to do it.

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  1. Kim says:

    I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.

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