So what do Blendmodes really do ?

While working on all these effects over the last years, I’ve became more and more accustomed to using filters and blendmodes to do per-pixel effects, instead of rendering them with setPixel or anything. Bumpmapping is a good example of this, or water simulation as another example. Blendmodes come in handy in here, and as it happens Blackpawn has put online a very nice compilation of what Photoshop blendmodes do in terms of calculations. He compiled this resource from pegtop, and made them all in one little list. Although the list refers to Photoshop blendmodes, Flash blendmodes are exhibiting the same behaviour, so you can count on it that they are implemented in a similar way.

Photoshop blendmodes

Thanks to Ricardo for pointing this out.

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  1. Nishant Kyal says:


    Well I guess the blendmodes don’t exactly work that way. I tried to create this sketch effect in flash

    Desaturate, invert and blur is fine but when it comes to color dodge, the results are quite different. :(

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