Cool Flash pseudo-3D game interface.i

While chilling out in a hotel room in Finland, I found this slick looking pseudo 3D interface, with an adventure like feel to it. It seems to be called renderhjs. It’s got a kind of pseudo isometric engine type, doing some texturing and having sprites around. It’s cool, check it out.For all those interrested, PV3D is updated steadily, but not as fast as before, since I am spending my time in Finland doing a rather cool Flex project which is draining some energy (that, and being in a hotel room, which I might add, is a rather uninspiring environment to code in). I’m for sure doing more Flex’ing then PV3D’ing at the moment. I’ll be sure to put some more Flex postings on here again in the near future.Check it out.

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3 Responses to Cool Flash pseudo-3D game interface.i

  1. jalava^evof says:

    Hey, you’re in Finland!

    Perhaps we should get together and have some beers someday if you’re in Helsinki!

  2. Xyster says:

    That beta game rocks! Congrats!

  3. krishna says:

    hai Ralph …actually i am new to flex and i am still learning…i want to make a game in first person view, like the person is entering a room and zooming some parts of room like table etc., if user clicks on table as if he is going near to table. This type of application can be designed using flex + papervision3D please help. my contact mail id is

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