Another PV3D Material demo : Flash 9 Phong Shading.

We are still very busy sorting the new revision of PV3D out, and it will still take a little time, so I decided to quickly demo one of the other new materials (and next to this we have even more, so we’ll have some more demo’s coming). Visually less extreme then the bumpmapping effect we have, (fast/fake) phong shading makes materials smoothly lit. Visually, this improves alot in the quality compared to z flat or lambert flat shading, and gives the impression of a nice and smooth surface. It will offer multiple settings, allowing you to modify the surface properties, lighting color and angles, etc.

So, while we work on on the new revision, here’s a little demo.


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14 Responses to Another PV3D Material demo : Flash 9 Phong Shading.

  1. Tom Richardson says:

    You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    You rock!

  2. I hate you Ralph ;-)

    Seriously, I can’t wait to see your next demo!

  3. Josh Tynjala says:

    Mmm… smooth and delicious Phong plastic. :)

  4. Randy Blain says:

    Great work Ralph! I hope yer buffing your fingernails on your lapel whilst reviewing what you have just accomplised. It rips at lightning speed in this browser. I am still developing in PV3D AS 2.0 as they do not have a Flash 9 Preview Beta for MacIntel yet. I am gonna drop this comment for you and go write a tutorial on the basics for the newbies joining the list.

    A Tip of The Hat to Ya!
    (Atlanta, Georgia)

  5. Matthew Hare says:

    All hail!

    I cant wait to start applying this stuff across any number of projects, it will change the flash landscape forever more. And thats no understandment.

  6. Andre Dupont says:

    I like this one visually a lot more than the bump example. Very papermodel like, very papervision :)

  7. JBOY says:

    Damn… u seem to amaze over and over! Rock on dude :)

  8. Mr.Bar says:

    Yes, Rock On! and please bring back the seventies so this phrase can be cool again :D .

    It seems like a new era is coming.

  9. Amazing work…You are making the dream of many flashers come true!!
    can’t wait to play with PPV3D myself…
    when will it be released to public?!

  10. magdy roshdy says:

    man, where could I get this program to work with !!!

  11. Christian says:

    Is the source for this demo available anywhere? I’m trying to find an example of loading a texture-mapped DAE file, and then applying phong or Gouraud shading on the texture, and this looks perfect.

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