Flash 9 PV 3D Example : 3d bumpmapped objects demo.

Really, you have never seen this kind of realtime 3D in flash before. And it’s all made possible by PaperVision3D. Some time ago I have joined the Papervision core team, (Carlos Ulloa (Founder), and John Grden), but silently since I had nothing to commit yet. Ever since I joined there was one primary focus, and that was : Materials. In it’s current revision papervision has no shading, and 3 materials. What I set out to do was to try and make PV3D more realistic, be a bit faster, and have some easy to use Materials in there.

Since we started Carlos and me have been coding away to be able to implement new Materials, and getting stuff cleaned up afterwards. Today we had planned a demo of some of the new materials. Due to business with other things the last weeks, I didn’t really get there yet, but instead did a whole new material tonight. And I just have to post it. 3D Bumpmapping. This is first version I have of bumpmapping, and when I finally got to run, a warm feeling of happiness took hold of me. It’s there. It’s working….

3D Bumpmapping sphere with earth texture:

3D Bumpmapping rhino, with the same texture, just to show, no tricks.

(both might take some time to load, be patient, and make sure you have Flash 9).

The great thing about this kind of bumpmapping is that we can now partially support normal mapping (we can not support DOT3, yet). This trick, widely used, is applied to a low poly count object (like pv3d can handle), to make it look like a thousands of poly object. Since the bumpmapping has a constant cpu cost, this could mean a whole new level of 3d in Flash.
Read this article on normal mapping at wikipedia.. Unfortunatly, the examples above do not employ the trick, but I’m hoping for someone to supply me with a model, texturemap and normalmap soon! ;-)

Bumpmapping is only one of the new materials, there are more to come; expect more demo’s soon. The idea is also to support light and material setups straight out of collada; you go into your favorite 3d package of choice, export collada, and import it by just loading it. We are hoping to get all this done before going out of beta.
This is just a preliminary version, so some things are wrong : the environmentmap isn’t cubic. We have cubic environment maps, but I couldn’t get them to work with this yet. So the reflection follows the camera at the moment, it’s the best I could do on a short notice. We will get this in the new revision of PaperVision3D as soon as we have it all cleaned up. In that revision there will be a whole lot more material goodness.

If you want more info on this or have models, mail me at ralph@unitzeroone.com. Papervision is here:Papervision3d, be sure to join the mailing list.

To make this thing even more epic I’ll do some credits
Thanks to the following people, who helped getting this done:
Carlos Ulloa : Always kind to take some time to help think, or change something, coding, PV3D Founder, and the one good enough to make it opensource.
John Grden: Technical and moral support!
Mr.Doob: Putting my mindset back on the right track.
Jim (blackpawn) Scott : RGB info on normal maps.

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54 Responses to Flash 9 PV 3D Example : 3d bumpmapped objects demo.

  1. mr.doob says:

    \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/


  2. Outstanding, great job!

  3. John Snavely says:

    really amazing work. hats off!

  4. Justin says:

    holy heck, that is awesome!

  5. Ryan Taylor says:

    Very cool. You guys are doing great work with that project.

  6. blackpawn says:

    it’s surprising how fast it runs. great work, it’s very exciting! :)

  7. Matthew Hare says:

    Now thats what i’m talking about! Great work old chap.. flash is looking awesome these days..

  8. McVirusS says:

    Hey Ralph, the rhino links to a voxel landscape. Not to the Rhino :) .

  9. partlyhuman says:

    HOLY F—!!! If we could use normalmapping in papervision….

    this is incredible!

  10. nyls says:

    wow, echt heel erg vet ..

    PV3D is a milestone for flash .. Keep it up

  11. Tink says:

    Any stopping Papervision3D?

    Great work!

  12. Rick Curran says:

    Wow, that is pretty amazing. So much for Flash not being able to do *real* 3D.

    I’m off to go check out Papervision3D…

  13. James says:

    Absolutely brilliant, much kudos to you mate!

  14. Pete says:

    Thats not just mental – its enviro-mental. Can pv3d get any better? Big up

  15. Michael says:

    Totally agree with you – this work does signify the a new era in Flash development.

    Must feel good to be a pioneer! Congrats! :)

  16. Josh says:

    Holy crap. I’m still blown away every time I see what you guys are up to.

  17. Didier Brun says:

    Wow ! You rock Ralph, it’s very impressive.

  18. Zeh says:

    That is great. So I take it that you’re creating a multi-pass material/shader definition for PaperVision 3D then? I can’t wait to see what’s added to PV with this.

    Who would have guessed material shader knowledge would ever become an asset for Flash developers/designers. This is not just your regular model in 3d anymore.

  19. Steven de la Torre says:

    Yeah dude, all of you guys fucking rock.

  20. Josh Tynjala says:

    My hats of to you, sir, and the rest of the PV3D team. This is monumental.

  21. Thank you all for the comments; great to get this kind of support from the community. As a team we will work on on intergrating this, so you can start playing around with this as soon as possible. Make sure you join the mailing list. Thanks from the entire team!

  22. Prakaz says:


    This is really cool stuff. I spent a lot of time drooling over the nasty 3D :-)

    My IE 6 crashed when playing with the globe once. Have not been able to reproduce the crash though.

  23. bartek says:

    let’s hope in AS 4.0 or something like that, there will be 3D engine built in flash player. Althought the Papervision gives amazing effects, don’t forget it’s only Acrion Script which is very slow (comparing for example to Director and it’s Lingo not mentioning about C++ and OpenGL). But for low-poly objects it’s great :) Keep working :)

  24. Sander says:

    Jawdropping cool..

  25. Zo ik kom ook eens onder mijn spreekwoordelijke steen vandaan :D

    Nice work…keep em coming :)

  26. I am blown away by this amazing demonstration of what Flash can do. The question now is – what is left for Flash to do? With 3D added to the arsenal Flash is pretty much ready to be a true platform for the next generation of development.

  27. Ben says:

    Wow….that is some amazing stuff!

  28. What in the name of Jerry Brightonhammer was that all about?
    I dont’ know but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  29. Now it’s up to Adobe to add hardware acceleration to Flash Player 10: Direct 2D/ 3D with DirectX on PC and OpenGL on Mac/Linux.

    This will provide a much faster framerate. Even if Adobe does not come up with a 3D engine in Flash, Ralph Hauwer et al will be able to create a hardware accelerated version of PaperVision. Now, will Adobe do it ?

    With AS3 and the AVM2, hardware acceleration is the only thing we miss.

  30. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  31. Too cool. I can imagine a lot of uses for this.

  32. It’s really amazing!! I just can’t believe how you managed to create this ambient lighting!! and it really works out! Respect!!

  33. ceviri says:

    Outstanding, great job.

  34. emlak says:

    You guys are doing great work with that project.

  35. emlak says:

    You guys are doing great work with that project.

  36. ceviri says:

    Totally agree with you – this work does signify the a new era in Flash development.

  37. Emlak says:

    Really amazing work. hats off

  38. Tercume says:

    Very cool. You guys are doing great work with that project.

  39. Pedram says:

    wow.. ouch; man it really hurts when your jaw hits the floor like that…

  40. Bill Perry says:

    awesome, thanks for sharing. looking forward to future posts on bumpmapping with PV.

  41. Tavitooo says:

    Interesante alternativa en 3D, es lo nuevo que nos espera en el mundo virtual, las webs seran en 3D

  42. Oscar Blanco says:

    Hi! Any updates on this? I’m really interested! (I’m not a flash developer, just a 3d artist, but I’ve always been attracted by online 3d, and I think papervision is the future for it)

  43. TOKI says:

    I’m used to see amazing works in flash;
    but nothig was iven close to be as great as this bump map, its unbeliveble how can something so perfect be so fast better than most 3D tecnolodges that i ever had seen

  44. Matt says:

    How do you make the object rotate, by using the mouse? Is there a tutorial on that?

  45. noj says:

    any chance of getting the source?

  46. Darkflame says:

    Works perfect and looks great in opera 9.5

  47. emlak arsa says:

    3D Bumpmapping sphere with earth texture: thanks

  48. DusanB says:

    This is amazing stuff!

    Can you perhaps optimize it further by implementing stuff from Flash CS4?

  49. emlakfaktor says:

    With AS3 and the AVM2, hardware acceleration is the only thing we miss

  50. 3D Bumpmapping sphere with earth texture: thanks

  51. You guys are doing great work with that project.

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