Some very cool flash 9 demos – 3d & effects! is the place to go for Flash and the demoscene…they’ve just put up the entries they got for their 32Kb competition (fit is as many as effects, code, graphics in 32kilobyte worth of *realtime* swf) and the results are not the least. 3D is making a leap forward in the flash demo scene, which shows.

My personal favorites :
1.Alchemist by Lume
-Impressive realtime 3d, nice ambience – maybe a bit short compared to the precalculating they are doing.

2.The Flint by evo.flash
-great rgb shift post effect, depth of field, animated julia fractal, and fake voxel.

3.Beat by OOS.
-Nice ambient 3d, classic blurred starfield, plasma, transparant 3d textures, dot tunnel, feedback effect.

Most of the entries seem to be of finnish origin, land of the top demo makers….

Jalava^evof tipped me on this; he’s also working on a lightweight demo framework for flash called evo.engine (sources there).

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8 Responses to Some very cool flash 9 demos – 3d & effects!

  1. jalava^evof says:

    Beat By OOS is actually Flash 8 and seems to be of swedish origin ;)

  2. Ryan Taylor says:

    Great post man. I think you’ve just inspired me to make one of those this year; it would be a lot of fun for sure.

  3. guRuQu says:

    That, is, really, impressive!

  4. christian says:

    Interesting, and inspiring, stuff!

  5. David says:

    A great post.excellent!!

  6. MiniMonty says:

    Wow – where can I learn some of the effects in Beat by OOS ?

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