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Cool Flash pseudo-3D game interface.i

While chilling out in a hotel room in Finland, I found this slick looking pseudo 3D interface, with an adventure like feel to it. It seems to be called renderhjs. It’s got a kind of pseudo isometric engine type, doing … Continue reading

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Another PV3D Material demo : Flash 9 Phong Shading.

We are still very busy sorting the new revision of PV3D out, and it will still take a little time, so I decided to quickly demo one of the other new materials (and next to this we have even more, … Continue reading

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Flash 9 PV 3D Example : 3d bumpmapped objects demo.

Really, you have never seen this kind of realtime 3D in flash before. And it’s all made possible by PaperVision3D. Some time ago I have joined the Papervision core team, (Carlos Ulloa (Founder), and John Grden), but silently since I … Continue reading

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