Combining Flex 2, Papervision, Flickr and Cairngorm: paperFlickr.

This little plaything is something I’ve been working on a little while ago, and I was hoping to finish. Looking forward in my planning I think finishing it will take a while, so I’ll post a quick WIP. It’s really a work in progress, and it’s really buggy, so consider it a proof of concept. It was nice to play around with papervision in a “maybe someday, when I get to finish it” kind of way. Since I posted this to the pv3d mailing list today, I thought I’d blog it too.
Displaying flickr image search results in 3d.


The bugs & to be done things in random order :
1. You have to wait until all images are loaded before you can freely click around the datagrid.
2. The 3d panes are not clickables, that’s why that datagrid is there.
3. You can’t clear the result set yet.
4. Clipping of on screen faces occure (this is actually related to pv3d clipping).
5. It’s kind of slow…the loading of flickr images is being cached on my server.
6. It slows down. Rendering modes on the panes are not reset, the more you show, the heavier it gets.

Next to that, it’s cool to see what pv3d will be able to bring very soon…the amount of work this has taken me is minimal. Really minimal. No sources here yet.

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5 Responses to Combining Flex 2, Papervision, Flickr and Cairngorm: paperFlickr.

  1. JBOY says:

    Hey Ralph, nice job there. Cant wait to see a less buggy version, even though this version is quite impressive :)

  2. Josh says:

    I love when people combine a zillion different technologies/projects/libraries/frameworks at once. It may not always give you something cool or interesting, but it takes a special kind of person to put the pieces together and come up with a plan. :)

  3. nyls says:

    Yo Ralph, alles goed daarzo ? Voor mij nog 1 1/2 weekie dan kan ik eindelijk beginnen met knalluh !!

    very nice mashup:> I have been thinking of a 3D slideshow kind of app for a while now. Started with Sandy (still buggy:<), but can’t wait for pv3d

    proof of concept..

  4. Mason Adams says:

    the thing that i like most about flicker is the resize feature,,-

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