Papervision3d /AS3 example: 3d environment mapping.

I’ve been wanting to play around with Papervision3D ever since I got my hands on the alpha’s. After not being able to sleep normal for some while now, I’ve decided to put that time to some good use, I’ve been hacking (hacking, really) around with PV3D, because I wanted it to support shading. That’s still a step to far off, but I’ve got it to do environment mapping; it’s still in demo so not to impressive, textures suck etc., but it gives a good idea of where I’m going to with this. If I get around on hacking with this a bit more, and exploit the material classes to their limit, it should do texturemapped & environment mapping.

At least this is very promising, and shows what developers would be able to do with Papervision3D by extending it…

Here’s my first try. (requires flash 9 player and might take some time to load)

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2 Responses to Papervision3d /AS3 example: 3d environment mapping.

  1. phil douglas says:

    I’ve always said, you can never have enough lens flares :P

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