20/12/2006 : Speaking at DFUG Ã…rhus, Denmark.

On the 20th of December I will be attending and speaking at the DFUG (Danish User Group) in Ã…rhus, Denmark. I’m looking forward to meeting people in the Danish Flash / Flex industry! If you’re in the neighbourhood, don’t be shy, and show up ;-) Although I’m finally getting some more grip on my control of the Danish language, I’ll be speaking in English. This session will also be available live through Breeze. It looks like it will be a very nice evening!Meeting Details & Directions at flashforum.dk (Danish only, if you’d like an english translation contact me.

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  1. Christian Zimmermann says:

    Hey Ralph! Looking forward to hearing you speak in Denmark. Don’t look for me though – I’ll be breezing.

    Btw I found your blog through the PV3D mailing list and by coincidence saw this post :D

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