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Photoshop "clone" in Flex 2 : Fauxto,

Wow. Somebody is trying to approximate that photoshop feeling in Flex 2. Coolllll…… For all the DFUG people out there @ breeze and the Aarhus meeting tonight : thanks! I had a great evening, great meeting you people, and … Continue reading

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Papervision3d /AS3 example: 3d environment mapping.

I’ve been wanting to play around with Papervision3D ever since I got my hands on the alpha’s. After not being able to sleep normal for some while now, I’ve decided to put that time to some good use, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Cool ! Fisix engine alpha 0.5 released; physics for the rest of us.

Fisix, “verlet based physics engine for flash written in Actionscript 3.0.” finds it’s first release in the form of alpha 0.5. Wish I could free up some time to play with it. Check out the ‘Mona the Ragdoll demo’. Fisix … Continue reading

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