Nice AS3 demo; Oldskool on Flash 9.

I am a sucker for a cool as3 demo ;-) Via I got a link to Joa Ebert’s AS3 demo. It is made up of several engines/effects including texturemapping and andre-michelle’s raycaster. It even has a voxelengine, the first actionscript one I’ve seen next to my voxelengine. The music is a mod file playing back, so it’s actually the first Flash demo I’ve seen with semi generated sound. Pretty cool. Wish I could back at the FC64 sid chip effort soon, and do some sound coding there.

This is pretty much a code only demo; although there’s visuals, there’s no “style” or any graphical setting, a trademark of techdemo’s. If you look at the development of for instance pc/amiga/c64 demo’s, they came from being tech-only in the 80′s to the more style oriented demo’s like Fairlight’s “Come Clean”( youtube alert!). Obviously Flash as a technology has a big headstart upon those old days tech demos, with it’s background as a designers tool, so hopefully we will see hybrids of good tech/good design demo’s in Flash soon.

Cool stuff.

Check it out.

(Turns out comments where broken on my blog, since the Gridserver migration, fixed now).

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3 Responses to Nice AS3 demo; Oldskool on Flash 9.

  1. C4RL05 says:

    Is it just me, or there’s a comeback of the old skool Amiga spirit?

  2. bnowak says:

    There is already a couple of cool flash demos out there at
    I personally liked ‘Travolta’ and ‘Even More Explosions In The Skies’ best

  3. John says:

    For a nice Flash Demo with generated sound, check out:

    Real cool Flash 9 Circular Audio Buffer present there.

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